Apr 24, 2023

Oh, the magic of black and white film! There’s nothing like capturing the love and beauty of a couple’s special day on the nostalgic and romantic medium of film. Meredith & Adam had an absolutely perfect day The Rosemary Barn in McKinney Texas, and I am so deeply thankful to Natalie over at Gingersnap Studios for letting me second shoot for her and bring my film along!

These images were shot on Ilford HP Plus 400

Shooting Film at a Wedding….

Black and white film has a way of capturing the raw emotion and romance of a wedding day that digital cameras simply cannot match.

But don’t let the classic nature of film fool you – it takes some serious preparation and a keen eye to capture the perfect shot on black and white film. Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready to capture the magic of a wedding on film:

1. Familiarize yourself with the black and white film stock

Before you even pick up your camera, take the time to get to know the film you’ll be using. Different types of black and white films have unique characteristics that can drastically impact the look and feel of your images. Play around with different films in different lighting situations to get a sense of what works best for your style.

2. Find your light

Natural light is your best friend when it comes to film photography. Take some time to scout out the venue and identify spots with the best natural light. Use this light to create dramatic contrast… think to yourself what the space would look like without color. Is there contrast? Interesting geometry? Start light/dark decor or backlighting?

3. Plan your shots; black and white film isn’t cheap!

Unlike digital photography, you won’t be able to take hundreds of shots and sort through them later. Make sure to plan your shots ahead of time, so you’re not wasting precious film on shots that won’t make the cut! Even when you are faced with a candid or impromptu moment, take some extra time to make sure you’re in the right position, the light is as good as you can make it, your camera is level, and your composition is pleasing before pressing the shutter button.

4. Don’t forget the details

Black and white film can highlight the details & emotions that might be lost in color images.

Photographing a wedding on film is a truly magical experience! It takes some extra work and preparation, but the result is worth it. Your images will be timeless and full of the emotion that makes a wedding day so special. So go ahead, embrace the nostalgia, and capture the magic of a wedding on film. <3


Vendors that put together this wedding:

Lead photographer: Gingersnap Studios / Hannah Hix second photographer
Venue: Rosemary Barn
Florist: Haute Poppies Floral
Catering: La Colina
Bartending: Service Gem Events
DJ: Gus, Your DJ

Meredith & Adam | Wedding on Black & White Film | McKinney TX

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Meredith & Adam | Wedding on Black & White Film | McKinney TX


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