Jul 26, 2023

Which is better… black & white, color or… COLOR?

Brett & Jory celebrated their anniversary with me in their very own Studio NIKO, an absolutely beautiful photography/event venue in my hometown. We shot through a roll of Ilford HP5, then flipped to the other side of things with spectacular color ideas in the studio. Couples portraits don’t have to be boring! I was so excited when we pieced together the plan for this, I wanted to show off their personalities and highlight their unique love story, and make art along the way.

I think we did just that. 😉

In a studio, everything from lighting to props to the environment is controlled. We were in no rush, taking our time just enjoying the day & setting up every film shot with care, and after sunset, using that studio control to perfect every lighting scenario for the best results!

And for the plot twist, Jory’s family owns a crazy quality seed-to-sale dispensary here in Texoma . When she first asked me about doing something like this, I immediately asked… “do you wanna smoke some while we’re at it?” This automatically took the creative direction to a whole new level, I knew exactly what it could look like with the lights, and damn was I right!

I rarely get to mix my studio lighting skills with couples/engagement sessions, which just blows my mind… a studio environment is so relaxed, and getting to create something so bananas is literally the dream. The literal perfect combination for photo sessions that often feel stressful or overwhelming for couples!

So, what do you think? Is your next session going to be a low-key film or decked out for a full story-telling effect? Let’s plan it!

Blue and orange lighting behind a couple in love

Neon Love | Brett + Jory Creative Studio Portraits

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Neon Love | Brett + Jory Creative Studio Portraits


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  1. Jackie Garner says:

    These are wonderfully beautiful!
    Oh my goodness!!!🤩