Jul 30, 2023

“From the first inquiry call Hannah felt like a friend and she was also such a calming presence on a hectic day. We had a large Indian wedding in a hotel ballroom and my fear was that it would feel too grand and impersonal, but Hannah somehow managed to make the photos look small and intimate which I really appreciated. She’s cool and calm and a consummate professional and really took my inspiration photos into account when setting up shots. Could not recommend her enough!

– Elizabeth, bride

A blend of two beautiful stories came together on Elizabeth & Shayan’s wedding day with a riot of color and many film rolls of Kodak Portra! Elizabeth’s Vietnamese family heritage and Shayan’s Indian culture fused in emotional displays of dancing, the aroma of spices, Lions on the dance floor, an elaborately decorated stallion, and family who came from all over the globe.

These two sweet souls wanted the feeling of intimacy and peace, even though traditional ceremonies and huge 300+ guest lists can be hectic. Shooting on real film allows us to slow down, breathe, and focus on the things that matter. With digital, you can take as many images as needed and worry about picking the perfect one later- with film, each shot is precious and limited! This experience was exactly what the couple had dreamed of.

As a hybrid photographer of both film & digital, I used real film on their day to highlight the natural beauty of their portraits and details, that sweet imperfect candid vibe that happens only when you pay close attention. I also shot digital images for parts of the day that were fast-paced or complex in lighting quality. The overall day came together so well, and afterward I edited the digitals to match for a seamless story!

Congratulations to these two absolutely amazing souls <3

South Indian bride and groom kissing, with flower petals being thrown on them in wedding celebration

Elizabeth & Shayan | Real Film Wedding | Indian & Vietnamese Hybrid Wedding in Dallas

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Elizabeth & Shayan | Real Film Wedding | Indian & Vietnamese Hybrid Wedding in Dallas


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