Mar 11, 2024

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As a photographer, there are few occasions as rich in tradition, color, and emotion as a South Indian wedding. Stepping into this kaleidoscope of culture, you immerse yourself in a celebration that transcends time, blending ancient customs with modern flair! Nikitha & Naveen had a truly magical and vibrant celebration, all captured on 35mm film.

Vendors who made this magical South Indian Wedding happen:

Venue & Decor: Dallas Palms
Coordination: Rama Bhat
Priest: Sankara Manchi
Photo: Hannah Hix
Video: Christopher Ace/Topher Films
Makeup/Hair: Sowmya
DJ: DJ Riz
Cake/Sweets: Laura Patrizi
Catering: Bawarchi Irving
Car: DFW Vintage Cars

A newly married couple stand in a garden of roses adorned in traditional South Indian attire for their Mehndi ceremony in Dallas

Nikitha & Naveen | South Indian Wedding, Dallas

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Nikitha & Naveen | South Indian Wedding, Dallas


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