Jul 3, 2024

Planning a wedding? You need real stories, tips, ideas & honest thoughts from real couples who’ve “been there, done that”! This is where we come in: Post-Wedding Interviews with my amazing couples who have wisdom to share. Each week is a new couple! Hear their true thoughts on what they loved, what they didn’t & why it can help you on your wedding planning journey.

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S1 E1 | Hannah + Tate

Our very first episode is close to my heart. Hannah & Tate are both dear friends and a past couple of mine! They got married at The Establishment Barn on Oct. 8th, 2021. It was a beautiful day in Texas, and as you can imagine a hot one, filled with so much love there were even more guests than originally accounted for!

Hannah & Tate share some deep stuff here. Not only practical things you can consider for your wedding day experience but soulful things that will also help your heart. So, without further ado, here is Hannah & Tate’s Post-Wedding Interview, the first of many to come!


The Number 1 Regret: Not Having a Second/Additional Photographer (08:25)

This one caught me by surprise! We kept the photography coverage for Hannah & Tate’s wedding to just me- no additional photographer for more angles & extra photos, amongst other perks. While the whole day was beautiful, and so little went awry, ultimately this was the thing Hannah would go back and change if she could.

Hannah says, “That is something that, after everything, I just wish we had hired a second photographer to capture even more”. If we had two photographers instead of one, we could have spent more time in the bridal suite & groom’s room, capturing candid moments of them getting ready. Instead, we had to rush this a little so that I could capture both myself. If you are considering ways to maximize your content and value on the wedding day, adding a second photographer (this is almost like an assistant whom your primary photographer hires and brings with them) is by far the best way!

    Proposing? Book The Boutique Appointments for Them! (15:17)

    If you/your partner proposes, book them fittings at wedding boutiques! Ask them for the shops they’ve been eyeing and call them to book appointments shortly after you propose. Why? Because wedding attire boutiques often book up for weeks or even months in advance. In fact, the entire wedding attire process is long- there are fittings, shipments, alterations, and even a second or third round of all of this. The sooner you can get in the shop & try things on, the quicker the rest will be!

      Creating Still Moments (18:52)

      “Creating still moments throughout the day was my biggest concern, because those are the ones you’re gonna remember the most.” Tate shared one of my favorite thoughts yet- be intentional about the time you spend with people on the wedding day, and make space for it in your official wedding schedule/timeline.

      We get so rushed on the day that we often fall behind here and there and try to make up for it by moving faster or altering the schedule ahead of us. But we don’t just lose time—we lose memories, too. When we bypass the experience for the purpose of timeliness, our brains check out and stop savoring the moment, listening to those around us, and appreciating the feelings we have (or feeling stressed and rushed, which is even worse).

      Mitigate this by planning ahead. Build in 5-10 minutes throughout the whole day in your official wedding day schedule so you can make up for lost time, breathe, and enjoy those precious still moments!

        Carry the Day Lightly (25:45)

        “Plan for it vigorously, but hold the day lightly so you can enjoy it thoroughly with each other. That’s how we had it. It didn’t matter about the weight of the day (or what happened/didn’t happen); it’s the moments we had together and the way we shared them with each other that made it very sweet.”

        He said it all on that one… not a single thing for me to add! And that is where we will leave it, sweet wisdom from two beautiful people who shared an absolutely perfect party with friends and family.

        Did you find anything useful? Have your own thoughts & tips to share as a couple planning or who has planned a wedding? Drop a comment and let me know!

        – Hannah

        Wedding Planning Tips from a Real Couple | Post-Wedding Interview

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        Wedding Planning Tips from a Real Couple | Post-Wedding Interview


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