Jul 9, 2024

Planning a wedding? You need real weddding advice, tips & honest stories from real couples who’ve “been there, done that”! Hear their true thoughts on what they loved, what they didn’t & why it can help you on your wedding planning journey.

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S1 E2 | Bree + Nicolette

Episode 2 features some the sweetest souls I have ever met! Bree & Nicolette were among my 2023 couples, and their day was absolutely magical. They got married at the Rosemary, and it was a true honor to see so many people some together to help them have the wedding of their dreams! But I don’t have to tell you how incredible it was, you can see & watch for yourself!

Bonus: See their wedding gallery featured on the blog here!


Have Experienced Vendors (03:06)

“Having experienced vendors who ‘take charge’ in a sense know how to make it (your vision) happen.”

Bree & Nicolette wanted to do it right. They knew what they wanted, and in order to get that, they required vendors who were experienced, capable, and had a defined style to their work & service! They started their search early (two years from their wedding date!) to ensure they had ample choices and were more likely to get great vendors who had their date available.

Hiring a seasoned professional over a newcomer or friend/family member has many benefits- the main few being reliability, consistency, and trustworthiness in the event of difficulty or disaster. A full-time professional will be properly insured in case of damages, have industry standard gear (plus backups in case of damage or theft) and know what to do in any problematic scenario on the wedding day.

For example, I have been doing this for nearly a decade- I have nearly seen it all! Family drama, tornados throwing out the venue’s electricity, photographing in the rain, fainting bridesmaids in the summer, or addressing major schedule or location changes to solve problems and still get the photos you’ve dreamed of. These are things you can only get from a vendor who has done this for a while!

Choosing Your Guests & Wedding Party (07:30)

“Quality over quantity! We were surrounded by people who we will always have in our lives. Through the two years of being engaged, we realized the quality of who you surround yourself with is so important.”

Choosing your wedding party & creating your guest list can be a daunting task, and you may feel pressured to invite as many people as possible for any number of reasons. The truth is, you only need those who have proven to be your cheerleaders and honest supporters. This is your celebration. Maintaining the integrity of your joy on the day starts with your circle of people and who is celebrating by your side!

Building a Budget (15:40)

“Be realistic. If you want what you want, there are some A budget is a budget, but if you catch yourself going over it, you kind of have to accept it if you want exactly what you want.”

Hosting a full wedding is often more expensive than you think, especially when you know exactly what you want in each category. You must sit down at the very beginning to build a target budget but also have a conversation early on about what happens if you start to hit your maximum, but the vision still isn’t fulfilled.

Do you want to compromise on who gets hired or what gets decorated? Do you have access to extra funds, and if so are you in agreement to reach for it? These are conversations to have at the beginning because you will run into this issue.

Expect it, and not only will it be less stressful when it happens, but you are more likely to create your vision with fewer corners cut.

Know What You Are Responsible For (18:56)

“We misunderstood that our catering would help with the clean up. Have set people there (at the venue) to clean up at the end. It is an undertaking!”

This a very common mistake. Who is responsible for cleaning up (called “strike down”)? Who is responsible for dishes and flatware take up? Who is taking out the trash? Is anyone loading the couple’s bags and gifts safely into their car at the end of the night? Who is packing away rentals, when are they being returned, and by who? These are questions you shouldn’t be worrying over during your wedding! Make sure to thoroughly read your agreements & question your vendors on who’s responsible for what.

Have Someone Who Knows Your Schedule (19:40)

The bartender left an hour early for their reception- someone was mistaken about the agreement, and the coordinator was busy elsewhere during that time, and could not catch the mistake.

Here’s the thing: Most coordinators do not have an assistant or full team present on the day. If this is your case, always have a trusted friend or family member present who also knows (or has access to) your full schedule and all vendor contracts/agreements. Your coordinator might be held up with something while another problem is occurring with a vendor, and having a (sober, lol) person available who knows your agreements can stop a disaster.

Vendors for this wedding:

Venue: Rosemary Barn
Coordination: Penni Davis / Dreamy Day Details
Photo: Hannah Hix
Video: Time Traveler Wedding Films
Officiant: Angelita, Authentic Unions
Florist: Blushed Arrangements
Makeup: She Paints Faces
Makeup/Hair: Tease to Please
Hair: Modern Hair Styling
DJ: Gus Garza / Your DJ
Cake/Sweets: Sweet Art Bakery
Bartending: Mix Bartender
Catering: Five Star Events

Texas Gay Wedding Couple

Bree + Nicolette | Real Wedding Advice from the Couple

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Bree + Nicolette | Real Wedding Advice from the Couple


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